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How to Earn Passive Income


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We Must Protect Our Women!

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16 Nuggets To Pick Up Along The Road To Success

Want to be successful? Start the journey and pick up these 16 reminders along the road…

brokens pieces
1.  Stop being angry at every little thing.
2.  Stop pointing fingers at everything that is not the way you think it should be
3.  Stop talking about people and situations that you have no control over
4.  Stop blaming others for your failures
5.  Stop making excuses for every little thing
6.  Stop talking about your demise because of all the people you tell most of them don’t care
7.  Stop being the “know-it-all” –Be open to learning new things
8.  Don’t say you want something and then when someone offers you suggestions you brush it off
9.  Look in the mirror and fix yourself.
10. Immerse yourself in personal development daily
11. Pray
12. Read. Educate yourself.
13. Allow people to help you, follow instructions, and learn to take constructive criticism
14. If you are offered the examples of others, consider them.
15. Be open and willing to start small. Don’t despise small beginnings.
16. Be a go-getter and stop waiting for people to do things for you

These are found along the road to success

–Ruth aka Lady Ruth

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Have you hugged your friends today?

Good Morning! Today Hug your friends! Let them know you care and are there. Keep in touch with them. Good friends are a treasure. You will know true friends because they will be on you when things aren’t right, help push you toward greatness, and praise you when you get it together, they’ll help hold you up when you’re struggling with your stand. friendship
They’ll have their shoulder there when you need it. They will let you know what’s up to your face not talk about you behind your back. They are not jealous of your other friendships in fact true friends will welcome your new friends and let you know how they feel about them. Thank God always for good friends! Happy Friday!

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Lady Ruth

Growth or Stagnation? What will you choose?

Are you surrounded by people who seem to always have a “word” or “quote” for everything and everyone but their outward life is contrary to there own language? Are you surrounded by people who seem to not want to see you grow?

If there is someone in your life that is always promoting growth and at the same time exhibiting insecurities and creating issues that never existed because people are not conforming to their lower standards then that person needs to use the mirror a bit more and start a fertilizing application.

Growth involves maturity. Maturity in more than just one area of life. Sometimes when you are a person who is clearly going places, and moving forward, there will be Know when to walk awaythose in your circle who will not be able to handle it. You will know because no matter what you do, they will find something negative about it, in it, or around it, but will use quotes or sayings to make it seem like you moving forward is not a good thing.

I had to cut some friendship ties for some of the very reasons. I had a couple of “friends” who I really thought were true until I started talking about bettering myself, and having my own business. They thought of everything that could go wrong with my business instead of being happy for me and supporting me. One of them was always talking about how it’s best to get a job and retire from it, and how I wouldn’t have money like a job would pay and that I wouldn’t be successful for whatever reason. The other “friend” would always say things like “a man who don’t work don’t eat”… just crazy stuff!  What did she think a business was? I quickly stop dealing with the both of them; afterwards I felt much better. I have my own business and it’s doing pretty well.

If you continue to stay in a circle where there is no support, constant bickering, others wanting you to stay on their level, you will find yourself becoming like them.  There is a saying that if you hanging around with 9 broke people you will most likely become number 10.

If you choose to put your self in such a situation and stay there, you will start to feed off of that negative energy, and if you’re not careful you will become like them.

Remember, it’s lonely at the top, but go there any way and the right circle will be there for you.


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You’ve gotta start somewhere

You’ve gotta start some where. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to start over. You can do all things through Christ. When those who say they will help you or be there for you don’t show up, so what keep it moving because God will send the ones who will be there for you and sometimes they are total strangers who stop by for a moment.



Salvage the Weapons of Defeat

imageSometimes life will throw rocks, bricks, chairs, and sometimes big engines at you but you’ve got to pick yourself up and keep it moving. At times they can come so fast that you don’t have time to dodge them.
Take those rocks make jewelry and sell ’em. Take those bricks and build a foundation then start building your castle, tAke those chairs and sit on them, take those engines and build a vehicle. Everyone will not understand so don’t try to explain.

Victory will come if you don’t give up!

Lady Ruth


Get Geared up With Little Fancys!

When Kids and Parents Disconnect

So I heard this young lady say to her parents “living with them is like living in hell” they looked baffled and hurt. But I wonder what her part is in the hell she says she is living in. I’m sure she hasn’t truly experienced hell. But with all the hate and disrespect towards them, she will miss them when they are gone. I want to share this video with all of you who live with or have parents in their life. We all have disagreements. No one is perfect. If you are old enough and living with parents and you feel this way you have a choice to move out. Life is what you make it.

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Lady Ruth

Where Success is…

It’s okay to be you. Success comes when you stop worrying about what others have to say about you. When you stop putting things off that you know you should be doing. When you say no to the whispers of giving up. When you stop let other people and unimportant things take your time from you. Success comes when you finally stop making excuses.

Is Your Life A Tug of War? Here are 7 Thing You Can Do to End the Struggle

1. Stop living in insanity. One of the definitions for insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Most of the time you are left with results that leave you feeling disappointed and unaccomplished.

With the right information and the right mind set, you can alter your life’s story and change your course of direction. Even if you are starting over you have the opportunity to change your life for the better. It all starts with a decision; the decision to change, the decision to want to be, do, and have more.


2. Don’t compare who you are to the money you do or don’t have. Your situation does not not determine who you are. The size of your bank account does not define your self worth.

Whether you are wealthy are broke, they both result from your mindset and your mindset will determine your success or failure. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make a decision to change the way you think. When you start feeling those negative broke thoughts, immediately start thinking of the positives, start thinking wealth thoughts. Ask “how” instead of “why”. Develop these habits and change will start to take place.

3. Start income producing activities. Make yourself a calendar/to do list. Whether you do it daily or weekly, make sure you have on that list a series of income producing activities. It is stated that 20 percent of your income producing activities will account for 80 percent of your income. So decide what those activities will be, make them a priority and get started.

4. Consider how you use your time. Time holds more value than almost anything even money. you can never get your time back but you can always get more money. Each of us get 24 hours a day to make a difference, to accomplish a task, to improve your wealth, to improve our health. What you do with that time is up to you. You can use that time to complain which yields no results, or you can use that time to do income producing activities and improve your life.

5. Stop over extending yourself. Are you always at the demand of others? Are you always doing everything not only for yourself but for everyone else around you? If this sounds like you, then you need to start utilizing the power of “no” and start committing yourself to what is going to bring you income.

6. Consider your circle. Who do you surround yourself with? Do you surround yourself with broke people? Successful people? Complainers? Whiners? Go getters? In most cases who you surround yourself with will determine who and how you will become. If you are in a circle of broke, complaining people, you will eventually become just like them. Change your group and change your life.

Surround yourself with people you would want to be like; people with high expectations, people who will hold you accountable.

7. Cancel your excuses. You can either have success or excuses. You can’t have both. Stop blaming everyone and everything and start focusing on your own responsibilities and your own results.
Decide today to change your daily activities and start building wealth


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