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Deep Within…Self Pity or Success

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Deep Within – Self Pity or Success

Are you feeling sorry for yourself because of mistakes you’ve made? Are you feeling some type of way because your friends have passed you by, gone on to college, or opened their own businesses?

There are those who live in a world of self pity and think success is going to fall into their pockets perhaps a knock at the front door or maybe a delightful piece of mail, from the postman stating that you must come pick up your wealth.

Unfortunately, this is not reality.

If you really want to succeed, you’ve got to be hungry. you’ve got to want it more than you want to breath.

Some people feel like they have to wait on time in order for them to do anything.

They feel as if things have to go a certain way in a specific order for them to achieve or begin their journey.

What they don’t realize is that time waits on no-one.

Before long they have gotten older their energy level has changed, now they are in the wishing mode…wishing they would have done this and that. Some even have dreams; but because someone has told them that they cant or it will never happen, they believe it and have tossed their dreams to the side.

But what will you do ? Will you continue to sleep your life away? Will you keep on dreaming and hoping?

Or will you wake up, get moving,  create your own circumstance and obtain the life you deserve?

The time is now. Make the decision to seek after a better life.  Be hungry.

Allow yourself to be successful, stretch your mind,  go where you have never been.

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