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5 Advantages of having your own business

The economy is taking its toll on a lot of people. People have lost their jobs, received pay cuts, finding it hard to replace the job they lost. You don’t have to be a part of this crisis. Here I am going to share with you some advantages of work at home.

1) Freedom to be there for your family. There are a lot of parents out there who just dread having to leave their small children at home every day; when they come home they are tired, they have to still cook dinner, clean, and help with homework. By the time all of this is done, it’s time for bed. Working at home makes spending time with your family easier. You’ll get that opportunity to see your newborn take their first step! How cool is that?

2) Freedom to determine your own income. Pay cuts are no fun. Having someone to pay you what and when they want can be a strain too. When you work at home and are working your own business, you can determine how much or how little you want to make, and no one else can take that away from you but you.

3) Freedom to get more tax benefits. Working from home allows lots of tax advantages. When you have a home based business you can write off a lot of things like computers, printers, utilities, a portion of you rent or house payment, supplies used in your home business, advertising, even the phone and electric bill. So having a home business is a great way to save on taxes. An accountant or tax facilitator can assist you more with what else you can write off.

4) Freedom to save money. Commuting to and from work, taking the kids to daycare and add up to a tremendous amount of money. By working at home you’ll save a lot of money, time, and gas. The money you save by not having to spend money on gas and daycare alone will give you the freedom to be able to use that money to either put back into the business or have fun traveling with your family.

5) Freedom to set your own hours. There’s nothing like not having to get up in the morning, realize you forgot to set your clock, and now you’re rushing everyone out the door in order to get to your day job on time. Wow stressful huh!. Well, working at home you can set you own hours. You can use your time however you want.
So you see working at home has some very good advantages. If you decide to work at home that would be a great choice; however, make sure that before you get started, do your research to find out what’s out there , ways to get started, and things you can do.


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Garrision Bespoke’s Bullet Proof Suit

Bullet proof clothes have been around for a minute, like the bullet proof vest.  Normally, bullet proof clothing are heavy and bulky but today’s technology has made it possible to wear stylist “bullet – resistant” clothing.

Garrison Bespoke has created a three piece bullet proof business suit which was demonstrated this week in Ontario at the Rod and Gun Club.  During the demonstration several of the stores employees got a chance to “stab” their boss while he wore the suit…the suit it so strong it dulled the knife and he didn’t get a scratch.


Photo from http://www.dailymail.co.uk

In another test, the suit was able to stop a  9 mm bullet.

Garrison’s  suit has a lining that is made with several sheets of carbon nano tube fabric.  If you don’t know anything about carbon nano tube fabric, well is has about 50 times the strength of carbon steel. The fabric is so strong and resistant that a band saw has to be used to cut it.

This would be a cool suit to have but with the $20,000 price tag….Well, if you are living dangerously this may be a good investment!

Read more on Bespoke’s bullet proof suit here


When There is Opportunity To Quit


There are so many things that happen in our lives that trip us up, that makes us feel like quitting.  Sometimes we fall and don’t want to get back up because of the pain.

I saw this video of Heather Dorniden taking serious fall to the ground, but what she did afterwards was so amazing that it brought me to tears.  No, really I literally had tears in my eyes.

Watch the video below and you will see why.

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Transitioning To Natural Hair


Transitioning To Natural Hair   

Have you decided to “go natural”?  Are you a natural already?

I am a natural.  I started going natural a few years ago.  I originally had a perm which I first got it when I was about 18.  Yep, I was a natural up until then.  My hair was past my shoulder.

Getting a perm really changed the texture and growth of my hair.  It actually stopped growing and starting periodically breaking off.  I suspect the chemicals.   So I started getting my hair trimmed.

A few years ago I noticed some damage to my hair in the back.  It was then that I decided to go natural.

I let my daughter “cut it all off”!  Yes, I had very very very little hair.  I couldn’t even twist or plait it.  I noticed it growing back after a few weeks.

I started using  Cantu Leave In Conditioner alone with the S-Curl Moisturizer.  By the time it was long enough to plait my daughter would braid it into a protective style and put in a quick weave so that I would nt have to bother my hair.

My hair has grown since and is about 5-6 inches.  I really look forward to it becoming longer and stronger.

So here are just a few things you can do to help grow your hair:

1.  Moisturize

2.  Wear protective styles

3.  Avoid heat as much as possible

4. When wrapping your hair before bed, use a satin or silk scarf — cotton ones tend to dry your hair out and can cause breakage

I am proud of my  natural hair.  If you are a natural and are struggling to grow your hair, don’t give up.  Wear protective styles and keep  your hair moisturized.

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How To Untag A Person From A Photo On Face Book


How To Untag A Person From A Photo on Facebook

Sometime we get a little carried away when tagged people in photos on facebook and on occassion we end up tagging the wrong person.

Here is how to untag them:
1. Pull up the photo you want to untag the person in
2. Look over to the upper right hand side and click “EDIT”
3. Click the “x” next to all the names you want to untag
4. Click “DONE”

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this video on :

How To Untag A Person From A Photo on Facebook

Sometimes They Come Back

Sometimes They Come Back

I was watching this movie about a couple of kids who died and had an opportunity to come back to life.  They had no ambition and no ideas for a future when they died.  When they came back they had ambition, they had an agenda, but it wasn’t good.  They decided that since they had one more shot at life they would torture and create havoc to all of the people they didn’t like before.  What a horrible way to use a second chance. In real life, people have actually died and have gotten another chance at life.  People have in one way

or another missed opportunity but got a chance at revisiting that missed chance. Some opportunities come only once, like winning that last basketball game that would get you historically recognized, or a chance to make a situation right before going to that final destination. But there are times when opportunities come back…Yes, sometimes they come back. I read a story about a lady who as a young girl who had gotten the opportunity to go to college.  This was an exciting time for her; but after a few semesters, her father demanded that she stop attending because of his disapproval of what she might become and his idea of her ruining her chance of having the life “he dreamed of” for her. She ended up getting married, having children, and then divorcing. After about 60 years she embraced the chance to go back to the college at which she originally started. She went on to earn a BA degree in 2002 at the age of 87 and was honored with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. She was the oldest graduate in the history of the college.  Her name was Anne C. Martindell. At the age of 90, she went on to write a book called “Never Too Late: A Memoir”. <—–Click the image to the left to get a copy of it She got involved in politics and did many other things she wanted to do. You can read more about Anne Martindell here. Never let anyone tell you that opportunities only come once.  If you are determined, and full of ambition, go after what you want, go hard after your dreams.  If you ever feel like you’ve missed an opportunity, remember that “sometimes they come back”.  Just  don’t give up. Thank you for reading my post.  Hope you enjoyed it. Please like, Tweet, & repeat. Come back for more on The Daily Grind.



PS:  If you’d like to find out how you can have an opportunity to help others while helping yourself, Click below and watch the video.

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