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Transitioning To Natural Hair

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Transitioning To Natural Hair   

Have you decided to “go natural”?  Are you a natural already?

I am a natural.  I started going natural a few years ago.  I originally had a perm which I first got it when I was about 18.  Yep, I was a natural up until then.  My hair was past my shoulder.

Getting a perm really changed the texture and growth of my hair.  It actually stopped growing and starting periodically breaking off.  I suspect the chemicals.   So I started getting my hair trimmed.

A few years ago I noticed some damage to my hair in the back.  It was then that I decided to go natural.

I let my daughter “cut it all off”!  Yes, I had very very very little hair.  I couldn’t even twist or plait it.  I noticed it growing back after a few weeks.

I started using  Cantu Leave In Conditioner alone with the S-Curl Moisturizer.  By the time it was long enough to plait my daughter would braid it into a protective style and put in a quick weave so that I would nt have to bother my hair.

My hair has grown since and is about 5-6 inches.  I really look forward to it becoming longer and stronger.

So here are just a few things you can do to help grow your hair:

1.  Moisturize

2.  Wear protective styles

3.  Avoid heat as much as possible

4. When wrapping your hair before bed, use a satin or silk scarf — cotton ones tend to dry your hair out and can cause breakage

I am proud of my  natural hair.  If you are a natural and are struggling to grow your hair, don’t give up.  Wear protective styles and keep  your hair moisturized.

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