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Garrision Bespoke’s Bullet Proof Suit

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Bullet proof clothes have been around for a minute, like the bullet proof vest.  Normally, bullet proof clothing are heavy and bulky but today’s technology has made it possible to wear stylist “bullet – resistant” clothing.

Garrison Bespoke has created a three piece bullet proof business suit which was demonstrated this week in Ontario at the Rod and Gun Club.  During the demonstration several of the stores employees got a chance to “stab” their boss while he wore the suit…the suit it so strong it dulled the knife and he didn’t get a scratch.


Photo from http://www.dailymail.co.uk

In another test, the suit was able to stop a  9 mm bullet.

Garrison’s  suit has a lining that is made with several sheets of carbon nano tube fabric.  If you don’t know anything about carbon nano tube fabric, well is has about 50 times the strength of carbon steel. The fabric is so strong and resistant that a band saw has to be used to cut it.

This would be a cool suit to have but with the $20,000 price tag….Well, if you are living dangerously this may be a good investment!

Read more on Bespoke’s bullet proof suit here



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