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Richie Parker born with no arms – and no excuses

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Richie Parker  – no arms – no excuses

There Is Nothing In Life That You Can’t Do – No Excuses!


Possibility lies in the belief in yourself

Many people complain about what we can’t do. We then decide to settle for less than what life has to offer.

Richie Parker, a young man born in Beaufort, SC with no arms raised by parents who refuse to allow him to be treated or grow up as abnormal has a lesson for us all.

Despite being told by others what he can’t do because he had no arms, Richie has defeated all odds.

Instead of saying he would not be able to…the question was how would he be able.


“We are going to make it work, We might just do it differently, but it will work!- Lottie Parker

He was raised just like any other normal kid. He learned independence at an early age and was even able to ride a bike.

Richie refuses to be told what he could not do. He even drives and owns his own car.

He now works at Hendrick Motor Sports, Designs Chassis and body parts for race cars, and has worked here for 8 years or so.


“There is nothing I cant do. Only things I haven’t done yet.” – Richie Parker

How do you get through your day?

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