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When you must shut it down

Sometimes we can be on the go so much until our bodies start talking to us.

I have to admit, I’m always in to something, whether it’s being at work, spending time with my daughter, spending time with my grandkids when ever they come to town, out at a community event, going for walks, or on the computer.

I’m starting to realize that the when the body talks you should listen. I had come home from work the other day after 12 hour shift and instead of taking a nap I went to an event. While there I walked around and mingled. The event finally started, my vision was a bit weird and I felt slightly dizzy.  I sat I the bleachers and the next thing I knew I kneed this person in the back because I dozed off!

I felt so embarrassed but the good thing is she thought she had sat back too far on me. Well, at that point I got up and left. As soon as I got home (glad it was less than a five minute drive) I laid down and immediately fell asleep after setting my alarm to pick my daughter up from work.

Well, obviously I didn’t hear the alarm or the phone because she was calling me to come get her. Yep I was late..but I’m glad it wasn’t dark.

Lesson learned…listen and pay attention, when you know you are tired get some rest.


Thought for today 23JUL 14

A lot of us fall because we loose site of our promise. Always remember that temptation is a temporary pleasure that for the moment seems better than the plan of God for your life. Don’t miss your promises or your blessing for a temporary pleasure of pleasing your flesh. Know that what the devil offers you is too good to be true. It could cost you a lot more than you are willing to pay.
Every shiny apple is not always good eat.
Think about it.


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