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How To Control Spam Comments on Your Blogs

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How to Control Comments on Your Blogs

Blogging is one of the best ways to get your self notice and to get your information out to the world.  However, many bloggers experience a lot of spamming in their comments section.   People tend to fill your comments with their own links and ads.

The sole purpose for these spammers is to get your readers to buy their products.  Many of them even appear to be real bloggers.  To sum it up, they use your blog platform for advertisement and getting all of the profits.stop_spam

A lot of these spammers put bad links on your site that link to porn, malware, and other malicious sites that can compromise your computer.

There are several ways to control this depending on the type of blog you are using.

I will begin by showing you how to control blog comments in your blog platform.


With WP you have the option of using a spam controller called “AKISMET”.  This service is a Plugin and  helps you keep   unwanted comments from being left  on your blog by automatically zapping spammers.

Whenever  a new comment, trackback, or pingback is added to your site it’s submitted to  Akismet web service that monitors millions of blogs and  runs it’s detection on the  comments  and returns a accept or reject result. So you don’t have to spend extra time sorting through and deleting spam comments from your post.

How to install

Log in to your WP blog.

Look down the left side of your dashboard and go to “Plugins” and select it.

There will be a box on the right side and next to it it says “ search for plugins” . this is where you will type in Akismet. Once it comes up you will select “Install”  upon installation you will select the Akismet plugin and choose “Activate”. Once activated you can edit it’s settings to your liking.

You can also use the “Fun Capcha” plugin so that when people comment they will have to type in the letters they are given.  This ensures that the poster is human and not a spam bot.


You can also control comments on Blogger.

First, log in to your blogger account.

If you have several blogs, select the blog you want to control. Go down the left side and select “

settings” , then “Post and Comments” then under “Comments” adjust your settings.

Don’t allow your blogs to be taken over by spam.  Don’t allow someone else to use your platform to make money for themselves.


Make it a great day!


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