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My Rock Climbing Challenge – The Struggle Was Real!!!

Are there things in your life that you fear or you consider a challenge?  Are there things you have said “ I wish I could do that?”  Well, I did another thing that I had wanted to do that I considered  scary and crazy!

Rock climbing!

My daughter actually went and I looked at the photos and thought oh wow I really do want to do that but it looked dangerous and scary! I decided to go anyway. When I walked into the building and got signed up, I watched this video about how to harness yourself and be safe and so forth.

As soon as I looked into the area where the high walls and boulders were, I thought “OMG”  Because I don’t care for heights. I prayed and quickly overcame those thoughts and made the decision that there was no turning back.  I got harnessed up and started on my first rock.  It was very challenging!  But God was with me!

This me falling off the top!! I actually ending up on my back!

This me falling off the top!! I actually ended up on my back!

The first time half way up, I fell off…yep  all the way to the ground hanging by the rope because I had not grasp the idea of how to come down safely.

I persistently went up several more times and each time I got higher. (I finally grasp how to come down off the rocks without falling to the ground!)

rock climbing 2

Ok I’m at it again!

Ultimately, I enjoyed the challenge. I learned a lot from this experience.  Rock climbing is not just a physical challenge but it is mentally challenging. One of the lessons I learned is reaching my goal in getting to the top of the rocks is all about mindset and eliminating fear.  I realize that if I was going to climb those rocks I had to make up my mind to eliminate fear and start climbing.  I had to think about the end result.  Another lesson learned is I’ve got to get in better physical shape (ha ha )  I realized that I really need to work out more and build both upper and lower body strength.  A third thing I learned is sometimes you have to change your strategy.  As I was trying to get higher up I realized that I kept stepping on the same rocks and going in the same direction and not being able to get any further than a certain point on the boulder. But when I change my direction and pattern in which I was climbing I seemed to rock climbing 4get higher up.  I also learned that anytime you are set out towards a goal you may fail a few times but if you keep going you will reach your destination. Be persistent.

In business, we must approach it in the same manner, with  mindset shift, physical fitness, strategy adjustments, and persistency.  If you are marketing one way and it’s not working, try another way.  In life we need to not give up so easily because lets face it, challenges are going to be there no matter where you go or what you do; But how you face your challenges will determine how you overcome it.

So  4 lessons to be learned from rock climbing are :

  1. Mindset – Eliminating fear
  2. Physical fitness is important
  3. Sometimes you need to change your strategy
  4. Failure will happen but persistence is key

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Are you drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water on a daily basis? Most of us are not.  It is important to know and understand just how valuable drinking water is to the body.   Nearly every living creature needs water: humans, plants, animals, insects…but I’m going to focus on the human for now.

It is said that the human brain consist of between 75 and 80 percent water. In order for our brain to function properly it needs proper hydration. When you are not getting enough water your brain tends to lose it’s efficiency.water

Some people don’t realize when they are dehydrated. But if you seem forgetful a lot and things seem fuzzy at time, you may need to ask your self how much water have you drank because when you are not getting enough water it can effect short and long term memory.

If you work out, you need even more water then normal.  Working out causes the body to sweat and therefore you lose fluids that need to be replaced as soon as possible.

My experience with not drinking enough came all too close to me having to go get checked out for something I didn’t realize had anything to do with drinking water.  I while back my right wrist had swollen as if I had sprang it or something, but I hadn’t.  I thought it over and over and I could not remember lifting anything or doing anything that would have caused my wrist to swell.

The next day, I went to get a massage as he began,  he asked a series of questions to make sure that he would give me the right massage treatment.  I told him about my wrist, he touched and immediately got on my case and asked me when the last time I had drank water was.  I looked at him and told him it had been about a days because I had been so busy.  He then explained to me that it was not healthy to go without water at any point, and that lack of water can do more than cause swelling.  Since then water is my best friend.

Below are 8 Reasons to drink water:

  1. it helps the body maintain it’s proper fluids and keep the brain functioning properly.
  2. It helps with weight loss
  3. It helps keeps your muscles energized.
  4. It helps your skin to clear up
  5. Helps the bowels stay open
  6. Helps keep your kidneys working properly
  7. helps with mental clarity
  8. It’s also known to help with aching joints

So make sure you are getting enough water every day.  How much you need depends on your individual body and activities you participate in.

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The Battlefield of The Mind

Life gets crazy. The mind battles for yes or nos, do or don’ts, think or don’t think.  Each day can be a struggle if you allow it.  There are times when what you need to do for the moment battles with what you want to do.  Some of us have jobs that we dread going to day after day for one reason or another , we want to just want to walk away, sometimes we can be in situations where we are being treated unfairly and unjust but at the same time we realize it has to be dealt with for the moment. But the question is what are we doing about the battle to change it’s course?  I know that question can be a challenging one to answer, but i have learned that in order for change to take place, in order to get to where we want to go, to be who we want to be …we have to do what we have never done, we have to become who we haven’t been.  Don’t allow intimidation or fear to rule your life Don’t allow fear or intimidation to drive your vehicle.  Kick them out.  MAKE A CHANGE TODAY!  if necessary find a mentor.  Listen to positive personal development tracks.  Lets get this new life started!!!  Have a great and marvelous day!!!  YOU WERE BORN TO WIN!!!!!!


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