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The Battlefield of The Mind

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Life gets crazy. The mind battles for yes or nos, do or don’ts, think or don’t think.  Each day can be a struggle if you allow it.  There are times when what you need to do for the moment battles with what you want to do.  Some of us have jobs that we dread going to day after day for one reason or another , we want to just want to walk away, sometimes we can be in situations where we are being treated unfairly and unjust but at the same time we realize it has to be dealt with for the moment. But the question is what are we doing about the battle to change it’s course?  I know that question can be a challenging one to answer, but i have learned that in order for change to take place, in order to get to where we want to go, to be who we want to be …we have to do what we have never done, we have to become who we haven’t been.  Don’t allow intimidation or fear to rule your life Don’t allow fear or intimidation to drive your vehicle.  Kick them out.  MAKE A CHANGE TODAY!  if necessary find a mentor.  Listen to positive personal development tracks.  Lets get this new life started!!!  Have a great and marvelous day!!!  YOU WERE BORN TO WIN!!!!!!


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