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How Can You Be Happy?

Are You Happy? What is it in your life that would make you happy?  Do you embrace inner happiness? What is it that would make your life more fulfilling? How we feel about ourselves can determine how long we live.
As you go about your daily life you will notice people who seem very pleasant in public but behind closed doors they are living in hell within themselves. What is holding you back from your happiness? Are you struggling with unhappiness, sadness, inner turmoil? These things may come from unhappy or unhealthy relationships, a job that is disliked, unfavorable circumstances, and some people just don’t know why they are unhappy.

How can you be happy?  What can you do to find the happiness that you deserve?

In this article, I am going to share with you ways that you can find happiness, and make the most out of every day.

Happiness is decided ahead of time.

When you wake up in the morning, do you get up dreading the day ahead?  If so, begin changing this habit.
Make up your mind to have a great day. Make up your mind that you are going to have a day of victory.

•    Thank God that you are alive
•    Start the day off in a grateful attitude
•    Count your blessings
•    Declare that “this is going to be a great day”

Be Grateful

Being grateful is one of the keys to living a happy life.  Instead of complaining about what you don’t have be grateful for what you do have.  Being grateful can turn around relationships, save marriages, and even save jobs.

•    Express gratitude on your job (be thankful for your job and think about the people that are unemployed , instead of complaining about to work load, be thankful for the extra work that would allow you to stay employed,
•    Don’t take your health for granted
•    Make it a point to make everyday a special day

Find something positive to be thankful for.  Don’t take life for granted. I heard a story from a young man I went to school with who was in a terrible accident in which his car caught fire.  He was trapped inside and no one was able to get him out; the rescue and paramedics had not come yet.   As people stood around this young man said that two people in white came and got him out.   Later after the rescue and paramedics team came, he asked for the two men who pulled him out of the car, no one saw these two men or who they were, but neither could anyone tell how he had gotten out of the car.  He is grateful everyday for life, as that day could have been his last day.
We need to realize life is very short. Tell your loved ones that you love them every day; give them a hug every day.

On the gloomiest day just remember that just above those clouds the sun is shining.

Be Positive

If you found out you only had a few weeks to live would you live it being unhappy, upset, holding grudges?
Our mind naturally wants to think about unhappy and negative things but you have to change your focus.  But you must stop focusing on the negative, and realize that every day is a gift from God. Look at what is right instead of what is wrong.

Decide how you are going to live. Sometime we are not grateful for something until it is or almost taken away from us.  My mom used to always say “you never miss your water until your well runs dry”.

Yes, it may be hard to stay focused or positive when things are going wrong, when we lose our jobs, when death happens. But we must work at train our mind to see the good and condition ourselves to focus on the positive.

Circumstances may change the way you feel but it doesn’t

have to change your mind. Don’t let a few clouds sour your life.  Life is full of difficulties and adversities but keep your head up. It is natural by human nature to be discouraged but the bible says “count it all joy when you fall in to various temptations “.

If you don’t feel like you have the strength to go through, ask God to give you strength and help you to keep a good attitude. When you face disappointments, your feelings will get in the way and tell you that you won’t make it but don’t believe your feelings. Talk back to those negative thoughts and replace them with positive declarations of faith by saying ” it will be a great day, God has favor in my future, My trust is in the Lord because I know He cares for me, I will not be defeated, my hope is in the Lord”

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What Do you do when you hear the whispers? (Part 1)

I never really gave too much thought that people have negative conversations about others.  It seems to be a normal practice everywhere. Politics, race, culture, relationships, religion, even possessions…the status quo.

Everybody talks about everybody. But then there are the whispers… Pst, pst, pst,pst.

…about you! What do you do?

Shannon was an employee for about two years in the company he worked for.  Everything was going pretty well. Well….until they lost most of the older people who had been there a while and hired new ones.

Shannon was outgoing much of the time. But there were times when he stayed to himself and focused on his work more than usual. Some of the newer people didn’t like the fact that he didn’t talk a lot and though he had been there awhile no one knew much about him. Most had stopped speaking to him.  But he never understood why.    

 Then it started…the whispers!  His name was used often in the silence.  When he walked in the door at the start of his shift, things would get strangely quiet. Then he heard his name! What were they saying? Why were they using his name in their conversations? 

 Shannon decided that he wasn’t going to let it concern him. A few days later one of his coworkers pulled him to the side.  He was someone who didn’t condone what was going on.  He made mention that Shannon should watch his back because of what was being said about him.

Shannon wasn’t the least bit concerned. He was a man of faith. He also believed in God  and had read The Secret.  He started praying and using affirmations daily and believing more, praying for a better atmosphere. After a while things began to change at his  work. Things had began to really calm down.  His faith increased even more.

The whispers have probably continued but it is not noticeable. There are still those who dont care to acknowledge him, but because he decided to change his mind set by faith it doesn’t bother him like it did before.

When you hear the whispers, don’t allow it to effect your well being. People will talk, they will do all they can to try to make you feel bad, and be little you because you won’t conform to their standards or way of living.

Thank God for the whispers though, it actually made this young man stronger and gave him a deeper since of faith.

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