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You’ve gotta start somewhere

You’ve gotta start some where. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to start over. You can do all things through Christ. When those who say they will help you or be there for you don’t show up, so what keep it moving because God will send the ones who will be there for you and sometimes they are total strangers who stop by for a moment.




Salvage the Weapons of Defeat

imageSometimes life will throw rocks, bricks, chairs, and sometimes big engines at you but you’ve got to pick yourself up and keep it moving. At times they can come so fast that you don’t have time to dodge them.
Take those rocks make jewelry and sell ’em. Take those bricks and build a foundation then start building your castle, tAke those chairs and sit on them, take those engines and build a vehicle. Everyone will not understand so don’t try to explain.

Victory will come if you don’t give up!

Lady Ruth


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