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16 Nuggets To Pick Up Along The Road To Success

Want to be successful? Start the journey and pick up these 16 reminders along the road…

brokens pieces
1.  Stop being angry at every little thing.
2.  Stop pointing fingers at everything that is not the way you think it should be
3.  Stop talking about people and situations that you have no control over
4.  Stop blaming others for your failures
5.  Stop making excuses for every little thing
6.  Stop talking about your demise because of all the people you tell most of them don’t care
7.  Stop being the “know-it-all” –Be open to learning new things
8.  Don’t say you want something and then when someone offers you suggestions you brush it off
9.  Look in the mirror and fix yourself.
10. Immerse yourself in personal development daily
11. Pray
12. Read. Educate yourself.
13. Allow people to help you, follow instructions, and learn to take constructive criticism
14. If you are offered the examples of others, consider them.
15. Be open and willing to start small. Don’t despise small beginnings.
16. Be a go-getter and stop waiting for people to do things for you

These are found along the road to success

–Ruth aka Lady Ruth

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How To Control Spam Comments on Your Blogs

How to Control Comments on Your Blogs

Blogging is one of the best ways to get your self notice and to get your information out to the world.  However, many bloggers experience a lot of spamming in their comments section.   People tend to fill your comments with their own links and ads.

The sole purpose for these spammers is to get your readers to buy their products.  Many of them even appear to be real bloggers.  To sum it up, they use your blog platform for advertisement and getting all of the profits.stop_spam

A lot of these spammers put bad links on your site that link to porn, malware, and other malicious sites that can compromise your computer.

There are several ways to control this depending on the type of blog you are using.

I will begin by showing you how to control blog comments in your blog platform.


With WP you have the option of using a spam controller called “AKISMET”.  This service is a Plugin and  helps you keep   unwanted comments from being left  on your blog by automatically zapping spammers.

Whenever  a new comment, trackback, or pingback is added to your site it’s submitted to  Akismet web service that monitors millions of blogs and  runs it’s detection on the  comments  and returns a accept or reject result. So you don’t have to spend extra time sorting through and deleting spam comments from your post.

How to install

Log in to your WP blog.

Look down the left side of your dashboard and go to “Plugins” and select it.

There will be a box on the right side and next to it it says “ search for plugins” . this is where you will type in Akismet. Once it comes up you will select “Install”  upon installation you will select the Akismet plugin and choose “Activate”. Once activated you can edit it’s settings to your liking.

You can also use the “Fun Capcha” plugin so that when people comment they will have to type in the letters they are given.  This ensures that the poster is human and not a spam bot.


You can also control comments on Blogger.

First, log in to your blogger account.

If you have several blogs, select the blog you want to control. Go down the left side and select “

settings” , then “Post and Comments” then under “Comments” adjust your settings.

Don’t allow your blogs to be taken over by spam.  Don’t allow someone else to use your platform to make money for themselves.


Make it a great day!


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New Year’s Resolution: If you believe it, you can achieve it

It’s the beginning of a new year.  Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions and set goals.

Each year some of us tend to go through the motions of setting goals, making resolutions, and making promises.  But how many of us actually follow through with them?  How many of us really have the drive and motivation to carry them out?  Surprisingly there are a lot of people who lose motivation with in the first week of the new year.

The beginning of the year is not necessarily the best time to making resolutions because this is the time of year that most see it as “tradition”. There are two main ways to ensure yourself of carrying out your plans and goals.  1.  Change  your mental attitude.  2.  Write them down.

Changing your mental attitude

The first step in accomplishing what you set out to do is getting your mind right and believe in yourself.  No person had ever achieved their dreams or accomplished their goals by not believing in themselves.  You must believe with all of your mind and heart that you can do what it is that you want to do.  Remove all debris from your mind.  To do this you can go for a quiet walk and practice thinking about what it is you want.  Ask God to help you have a clearer thinking.  Clear your mind of all doubts and disbelief and you can obtain anything you want to do in life.  Your only limitations are the ones in your mind.

Many people give up prematurely because they fail to believe in themselves.  You must realize that we are all born with the ability to believe and the ability to make choices.

Napoleon Hill talks about taking possession of your own mind.   He states ” Whatever the mind can believe the mind can achieve”.

Get a clear picture in your mind of what you really want and then as I talk about in my next section….Write it down.

If you believe it I can happen for you.

Write it down

A goal is not a goal unless it is written.  Once you have decided what you really want , write it down in a notebook or better yet make a vision board and put them in a place where you can see it consistently.

Read over your desires at least 3 to 5 times daily.  Look at your vision board as often as possible  at least 3 to 5 times daily as well.

Develop this habit by doing this everyday until it becomes a part of you, until it becomes second nature.  You will eventually see a change in the way you see yourself.  Do it until it seems automatic.

The main  key is Don’t give up!

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Taking Imperfect Action Making The First Step

Taking Imperfect Action Making The First Step


Have you ever needed to do something but didn’t feel like it? or you “felt” that the time wasn’t right or you weren’t looking or feeling your best?

I was in this same situation. But this is not a good place to be in.

Opportunities come and opportunities go. Many opportunities are missed because maybe you didnt take action. You were waiting for that perfect moment or the right time to take action or respond.

Kevin Nations said it best when he said “Winners take Imperfect Action while other are perfecting their plans”

Here are a few things you can do to begin taking imperfect action:

1. Push Past Procratination

2. Make a To Do List

3. Set goals

4. Take small steps

If you want to start a business whether is on or off line you’ve got to start somewhere. One small step or one imperfect action is better than doing nothing at all

What to do when life knocks you down

Sometimes life will knock you flat on your back

“Sometimes life will knock you flat on your back and it may seem like all the problems in the world gang up on you to hold you down. You may feel trapped, but you know you can’t give up. Listen to me. You’ve got to find a way out of the situation. Get an attitude. Make the decision that you will overpower whatever you are going through. Don’t stop to complain. Focus all your time and energy on getting ahead.”

Watch as Les Brown shares with us what to do when life knocks you down

“You’ve got to be hungry”- Les Brown


“Give yourself one reason everyday why you are better or bigger than the place in which you find yourself. You don’t have the luxury to get depressed or feel sorry for yourself. Look around yourself relentlessly. Search for ways to free yourself. Keep moving…keep fighting…keep falling forward. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for being. Affirm to yourself over and over again..”I will persist until I succeed. It’s not over until I win!” You have GREATNESS within you!!” — Les Brown

Hope you liked this post.  Never give up because you fall down. Keep it moving because in the end you win!

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Richie Parker born with no arms – and no excuses

Richie Parker  – no arms – no excuses

There Is Nothing In Life That You Can’t Do – No Excuses!


Possibility lies in the belief in yourself

Many people complain about what we can’t do. We then decide to settle for less than what life has to offer.

Richie Parker, a young man born in Beaufort, SC with no arms raised by parents who refuse to allow him to be treated or grow up as abnormal has a lesson for us all.

Despite being told by others what he can’t do because he had no arms, Richie has defeated all odds.

Instead of saying he would not be able to…the question was how would he be able.


“We are going to make it work, We might just do it differently, but it will work!- Lottie Parker

He was raised just like any other normal kid. He learned independence at an early age and was even able to ride a bike.

Richie refuses to be told what he could not do. He even drives and owns his own car.

He now works at Hendrick Motor Sports, Designs Chassis and body parts for race cars, and has worked here for 8 years or so.


“There is nothing I cant do. Only things I haven’t done yet.” – Richie Parker

How do you get through your day?

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Visualizing Your Dreams

Visualizing Your Dreams

Visualizing What You Want.  Visualize what you really want, focus on it. Dream BIG. The clearer it becomes, the better you can see it coming. Believe that what you want is coming. Have a goal or  dream that will take you out of your comfort zone.

It was said that if your goal or dream can be simply and easily accomplished by your own mere means, then it is not big enough.

If you desire a new home, start visualizing how many rooms you’d like, the color you want the master bathroom, the type of furniture you want it.

You CAN have what you want.  You CAN reach your goals.

Prayerize, Visualize, Actualize!!!


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Five Ways To Face And Overcome Challenges

Five Ways To Face And Overcome Challenges

Challenges are those things that we face whether they are voluntary or involuntary.  Most of us have faced or had to deal with challenges like having to figure out how a bill is going to be paid after a job loss, or how you are going to go from point A to point B when your car has broken down.

Then there are those challenges that we make ourselves like losing weight, improving our business, or obtaining an educational degree.

Whatever the challenge, I am going to share with you five ways that will help you to face and overcome those challenges.challenges3

Decide that you will win and be victorious.

There are times when you’re faced with a challenge, you may want to give up before you even attempt it. But in order to overcome the challenge whatever it may be, you must first decide that you are willing to face it then tell yourself you can overcome it and you will be victorious.

Get Some Energy

Sometimes facing challenges can deplete your energy.  I can attest to that.  Sometimes a challenge can seem so great that it may tend to make you feel like you need to put it off until another time.  What helped me muster up energy to face  some of my challenges is exercise.  That’s right, exercise. I have found that when I took the time to work out,  I had more energy and this motivated me to start and complete my challenge

Take One Bite At A Time

Take one bite at a time. It sounds simple enough but you’d be surprise at the fact that some people try handle large task and challenge in extremely short periods of time causing them to be frustrated. Sometimes we want to tackle things head on and all at once. But try taking small steps; do one thing at a time.  Some people like to do the easiest part of a task first saving the hardest for last and some like to do just the opposite.

Write It Down

Write things down. Write down your challenges.  Write down what you want to accomplish and when or  the time period that you want to complete or overcome your challenge.  Write down how you intend to face or approach your challenge, what you need to do and how you feel about your challenge.  Writing things down helps you see and remember what needs to be done, it reminds you of what you to focus on.

Also write down your activity during the
challenge. This will help you see where you are and how close you are to getting things accomplished.  Writing things down as you go along will also help you spot problem areas that you may need to work harder on. This can give you different ways and ideas to tackle your challenges.

Know Yourself

One of the big things in facing challenges is knowing yourself and you limitations. You cannot face or tackle a challenge like the next person can.

I heard about a guy who set a challenge for himself in his business. He would stay up day and night getting little to no sleep for several months.  He wanted to not only prove to himself that he could do it but he was on a determined mission.  Though it took him a little longer than he had planned, He eventually quit his job, but he not only sacrificed his health by not getting proper rest but he sacrificed time with family, and days off from work. He ultimately had domestic problems which he was able to worovercome1k out slowly.

Not everyone can do this and quite frankly it would be an unhealthy choice on many levels to do so. This is why it is so important to know yourself and your limitations, know and understand what you are and are not willing to sacrifice.

Challenges, no matter how hard they are can be faced with the right mind set, proper planning, and the right motivation.

Hopefully, whatever your problems or challenges you maybe facing something I’ve shared here will be able to help you.

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Ruth Benford

5 Advantages of having your own business

The economy is taking its toll on a lot of people. People have lost their jobs, received pay cuts, finding it hard to replace the job they lost. You don’t have to be a part of this crisis. Here I am going to share with you some advantages of work at home.

1) Freedom to be there for your family. There are a lot of parents out there who just dread having to leave their small children at home every day; when they come home they are tired, they have to still cook dinner, clean, and help with homework. By the time all of this is done, it’s time for bed. Working at home makes spending time with your family easier. You’ll get that opportunity to see your newborn take their first step! How cool is that?

2) Freedom to determine your own income. Pay cuts are no fun. Having someone to pay you what and when they want can be a strain too. When you work at home and are working your own business, you can determine how much or how little you want to make, and no one else can take that away from you but you.

3) Freedom to get more tax benefits. Working from home allows lots of tax advantages. When you have a home based business you can write off a lot of things like computers, printers, utilities, a portion of you rent or house payment, supplies used in your home business, advertising, even the phone and electric bill. So having a home business is a great way to save on taxes. An accountant or tax facilitator can assist you more with what else you can write off.

4) Freedom to save money. Commuting to and from work, taking the kids to daycare and add up to a tremendous amount of money. By working at home you’ll save a lot of money, time, and gas. The money you save by not having to spend money on gas and daycare alone will give you the freedom to be able to use that money to either put back into the business or have fun traveling with your family.

5) Freedom to set your own hours. There’s nothing like not having to get up in the morning, realize you forgot to set your clock, and now you’re rushing everyone out the door in order to get to your day job on time. Wow stressful huh!. Well, working at home you can set you own hours. You can use your time however you want.
So you see working at home has some very good advantages. If you decide to work at home that would be a great choice; however, make sure that before you get started, do your research to find out what’s out there , ways to get started, and things you can do.


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How To Untag A Person From A Photo On Face Book


How To Untag A Person From A Photo on Facebook

Sometime we get a little carried away when tagged people in photos on facebook and on occassion we end up tagging the wrong person.

Here is how to untag them:
1. Pull up the photo you want to untag the person in
2. Look over to the upper right hand side and click “EDIT”
3. Click the “x” next to all the names you want to untag
4. Click “DONE”

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this video on :

How To Untag A Person From A Photo on Facebook

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