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16 Nuggets To Pick Up Along The Road To Success

Want to be successful? Start the journey and pick up these 16 reminders along the road…

brokens pieces
1.  Stop being angry at every little thing.
2.  Stop pointing fingers at everything that is not the way you think it should be
3.  Stop talking about people and situations that you have no control over
4.  Stop blaming others for your failures
5.  Stop making excuses for every little thing
6.  Stop talking about your demise because of all the people you tell most of them don’t care
7.  Stop being the “know-it-all” –Be open to learning new things
8.  Don’t say you want something and then when someone offers you suggestions you brush it off
9.  Look in the mirror and fix yourself.
10. Immerse yourself in personal development daily
11. Pray
12. Read. Educate yourself.
13. Allow people to help you, follow instructions, and learn to take constructive criticism
14. If you are offered the examples of others, consider them.
15. Be open and willing to start small. Don’t despise small beginnings.
16. Be a go-getter and stop waiting for people to do things for you

These are found along the road to success

–Ruth aka Lady Ruth

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Visualizing Your Dreams

Visualizing Your Dreams

Visualizing What You Want.  Visualize what you really want, focus on it. Dream BIG. The clearer it becomes, the better you can see it coming. Believe that what you want is coming. Have a goal or  dream that will take you out of your comfort zone.

It was said that if your goal or dream can be simply and easily accomplished by your own mere means, then it is not big enough.

If you desire a new home, start visualizing how many rooms you’d like, the color you want the master bathroom, the type of furniture you want it.

You CAN have what you want.  You CAN reach your goals.

Prayerize, Visualize, Actualize!!!


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