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Growth or Stagnation? What will you choose?

Are you surrounded by people who seem to always have a “word” or “quote” for everything and everyone but their outward life is contrary to there own language? Are you surrounded by people who seem to not want to see you grow?

If there is someone in your life that is always promoting growth and at the same time exhibiting insecurities and creating issues that never existed because people are not conforming to their lower standards then that person needs to use the mirror a bit more and start a fertilizing application.

Growth involves maturity. Maturity in more than just one area of life. Sometimes when you are a person who is clearly going places, and moving forward, there will be Know when to walk awaythose in your circle who will not be able to handle it. You will know because no matter what you do, they will find something negative about it, in it, or around it, but will use quotes or sayings to make it seem like you moving forward is not a good thing.

I had to cut some friendship ties for some of the very reasons. I had a couple of “friends” who I really thought were true until I started talking about bettering myself, and having my own business. They thought of everything that could go wrong with my business instead of being happy for me and supporting me. One of them was always talking about how it’s best to get a job and retire from it, and how I wouldn’t have money like a job would pay and that I wouldn’t be successful for whatever reason. The other “friend” would always say things like “a man who don’t work don’t eat”… just crazy stuff!  What did she think a business was? I quickly stop dealing with the both of them; afterwards I felt much better. I have my own business and it’s doing pretty well.

If you continue to stay in a circle where there is no support, constant bickering, others wanting you to stay on their level, you will find yourself becoming like them.  There is a saying that if you hanging around with 9 broke people you will most likely become number 10.

If you choose to put your self in such a situation and stay there, you will start to feed off of that negative energy, and if you’re not careful you will become like them.

Remember, it’s lonely at the top, but go there any way and the right circle will be there for you.


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